Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A compilation of false and hypocritical Jamaat online propaganda on facebook page Basherkella

Only the photo evidences are given here to avoid copyright related complications.
The original post can be found here:

কথিত ইসলামী দল জামাত ইসলামের মিথ্যাচার সমগ্র

1. Jamaat fabricates an Anandabazar report.

Shared by Yasin Arafath. The link provided was:বাংলাদেশ1.html
which turned up to be--

2. Another fabrication in the name of Prothom Alo, the most popular Bangla daily of Bangladesh, claiming death of Shahbag activist while staging a symbolic execution of war criminals.

The original photo (no one died)--

3. A false news report on the rape of a female cop by the government party student wing (Note the photoshopped blood).

Original photo given below. The cop fainted on duty in a totally unrelated situation.

4. A photo post from Pakistan police became the photo of an injured, praying Jamaat activist.

Photo posted in basherkella with fake caption--

5. Accusation of adultery at Shahbag

Original photo #1 from Shahbag.

Original photo #2 from a 31st night party

Mixed together to form a fake photo of Shahbag, that appeared on Basherkella--

6. An unrelated photo re-captioned as a Shahbag photo (appeared in Basherkella)

7. A pornographic photo re-captioned as that of Dr. Imran H. Sarkar, leader of Shahbag movement.

Original photo--

8. A photo of pot smokers re-captioned as a photo of Shahbag activists. (appeared in basherkella)

9. A photo of Ka'ba Sharif Imams used by the Daily Amar Desh for the fake news of Ka'ba imam protest against war crimes trial in Bangladesh. The photo also appeared in Basherkella.

The same news appeared in the Jamaat controlled Daily Sangram. What a coincidence!

The original photo (chenge of Ka'ba Sharif covering)--

10. Typical Jamaat propagandist posing as attractive woman to atrract the youth and infiltrate social media--

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