Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A compilation of Jamaat hoaxes using the name of new agencies

1. Jamaat fabricates an Anandabazar report about rapes in Shahbag

Shared by Yasin Arafath. The link provided was:বাংলাদেশ1.html
which turned up to be--

2. A fake 'Manabzamin' report about the rape of Lucky Akhter, a leader of Shahbag movement. Manabzamin denied it officially.

Here's a news report about this hoax:

3. A false news report on the rape of a female cop by the government party student wing (Note the photoshopped blood). Looks like rape is a favorite topic of these people.

Original photo given below. The cop fainted on duty in a totally unrelated situation.

4. A Jamaat propaganda using the name of the Daily Ittefaq titled, "At Shahbag, school  students are being goaded to slaughter Jamaat-Shibir men!: One students slaughters his own teacher." (appeared in 'Save Bangladesh' facebook page.


5. A fabrication in the name of Prothom Alo, the most popular Bangla daily of Bangladesh, claiming death of Shahbag activist while staging a symbolic execution of war criminals.

The original photo (no one died)--

Based on the following blog posts--
1. কথিত ইসলামী দল জামাত ইসলামের মিথ্যাচার সমগ্র
2. জামাত শিবিরের ভন্ডামী সমগ্র – ২

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